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Extremecompetition, fuel racing, additives

Welcome to ExtremeCompetition, manufacture and sell fuel competition, additives and special gasolines. In our online store you will find fuel for cars, motorcycle racing and aviation. Also you can buy all sorts of additives for gasoline and diesel, and ecological and special products such as fuels from bio-based ethanol competition. ExtremeCompetition is the division of the oil Magigas, an authentic leader Italian excellence in the fuel sector, specializing in the creation of products with a perfect balance between high performance and offers care for the racing vehicles engines. For over 60 years Magigas offers to its customers a quality and care in the production process such as to make it known and appreciated in the racing industry. Magigas also makes home deliveries and on race courses, as well as refueling services for cars and helicopters. Discover and buy our products directly in our online store and for any questions about our fuels or special requirements please contact us.