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Diesel Power Ice 2X0,5 Lt Zoom


Diesel Power Ice 2X0,5 Lt

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Break the ice with Diesel Power Ice!

The function of the antifreeze and de-icing components make starting the engine easier as well as the anti-lock fuel pump.


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Break the ice with Diesel Power Ice

The requirement pursuant to the new EU regulations on "environmental impact" to use an increasing percentage of Biodiesel in regular Diesel Fuel has undoubtedly improved the quality of emissions, however, at the expense of resistance to freezing due to the increased presence of water particles that the vegetable components of the Biodiesel tend to release in tanks and cisterns.

The resulting increase of the CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) — the lowest temperature at which a certain volume of diesel fuel passes through a standard filtering system at a given time — determines a greater difficulty in the ability of the fuel to pass through the filter (due to the crystallization of the water particles and the paraffin) leading to the motor shutting off. To counter this problem, Magigas has developed a specific additive called Diesel Power ICE that, thanks to the presence of particular anti-freeze and anti-caking agents in the formula, improves the resistance of the diesel fuel when subjected to low temperatures, by decreasing the CFPP.

Diesel Power ICE executes a powerful antifreeze and de-icing action, preventing fuel pump block, facilitating motor ignition, and lowering the CFPP by 10°/12° C. It is ideal for cold climates with below zero temperatures. A 500 ml bottle is sufficient for every 100 litres of diesel fuel. Superformula DIESEL POWER ICE is sold in 500 ml cans

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