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NEW AGE 2x0,5 lt

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Protecting and Lead Replacement Fuel treatment for classic motorbikes and cars


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New Age is a lead replacement fuel treatment, developed for engines with high lubrication needs and antiknock properties. New Age is a multipurpose fuel treatment for all matters arising due to the leaded petrol withdrawn from the market Its absolute reliability is due to the noble metals used in the formulation, which create a protective film around the valve seats and the other mechanical equipment. This effect is 2000/3000 km long, avoiding the annoyingmixing operation every refuelling. Reliability: New Age formulation improves combustion, removes deposits from combustion chamber and from exhaust system, restoring optimum engine efficiency and lowering unburnt hydrocarbons emissions. Superior performances are ensured by increased octane number: up to 3 RON in 40/50 litres of unleaded gasoline. Special additives, without ignition timing setting, allow unknown performance even with the old leaded fuel. How to use it: As lead replacement additive: 1 New Age 500 ml bottle in 50 litres of unleaded gasoline protects the engine for 2000/3000 km As octane boosterand lead replacement additive: 1 New Age 500 ml bottle in 50 litres of unleaded gasoline increases octane number about 3 RON

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